1970 C20 “Hillbilly Truck” Rebuild

A finish body off restoration of a 1970 C20 pickup truck. This truck was remaining to rust in storage and required a total rebuild. It was provided a new 350 smaller block crate motor and rebuilt four hundred turbo transmission through the previous rebuild. This time it required an full human body, electrical and mechanical overhaul. New paint, cab, doorways, fenders, mattress, bumpers, glass, ability window conversion, ability door lock conversion, radiator, 8-lug entrance disc brake conversion, personalized developed console, aftermarket air conditioning, on board air compressor driven by the hydraulic ability steering pump. AC ability inverter.

This video clip demonstrates the position up to now. Future films will exhibit….

Aluminum Radiator Installation – https://www.youtube.com/enjoy?v=4U419tXwnRg
AC Fitting close Crimping/Installation – https://youtu.be/perv9VoFphw
AC Vacuum & Charge
Rear Drum Brake Rebuild & Car Bleeder Alternative
Rear Seal Alternative
Heater Core & “Easy Panel” Installation – https://www.youtube.com/enjoy?v=XUEeZ20CA7I
LED Tail Light-weight Conversion
LED Headlight Conversion
Electrical/Electrical power Window Conversion
Nitrous Oxide and Methyl Alcoholic beverages Injection Set up
How to Push an Onboard Air Compressor From Your Electrical power Steering Pump
New Mattress Assembly and Mattress Liner Software
Fiberglass Hood Refinish/Installation
Fender/Wheel Effectively Installation
Electrical Cooling Supporter Conversion – https://www.youtube.com/enjoy?v=4U419tXwnRg
Electrical Gasoline Pump Conversion
Doorway Weather strip Installation & Assess Glue on & Press on Rubber Seals
GoodMark Grill Set up & Critique
Pickup Crane Set up & Critique

Post time: Jan-02-2017