2016 Nissan Rogue – Interior Storage

Your vehicle has a traditional glove box compartment. To open it, pull this handle and lower the lid.

Your console storage box is located between the front seats. To open the upper half of the console box, pull up on the passenger’s side latch. Pull up on the driver’s side latch to open the lower half of the console box.

There are cup holders located conveniently in the center console. The bottle holders are in the door trim panel.

The sunglasses holder is opened by a push and release motion.

There are several luggage hooks located throughout the cargo area. Use them to properly secure all cargo with ropes or straps, preventing the cargo from sliding or shifting.

There are also a variety of storage bins, trays and map pockets located throughout the vehicle.

There is additional storage, if so equipped, available beneath the cargo area floor. To access the floor storage area, open the liftgate, then pull up on the handle to lift the luggage board.

Please see your Owner’s Manual for important safety information, system limitations and additional operating information.

Post time: Dec-01-2016