6 reasons to choose a Stronga hook lift trailer

Stronga design a world famous range of hook lift trailers and hook lift containers for year round use by commercial enterprises and contractors. The concept is that 1 multi-purpose hook lift trailer can handle hundreds of applications, leading to improved efficiency with a year round transport service.

HookLoada is the most modern and high performance hook lift trailer available in the market today with a stronger, lighter, lower design and the ability to accept longer hook lift containers. Discover why you should a Stronga hook lift trailer over other hook lift equipment available in the market today.

6 reasons to buy a Stronga hooklift trailer:
1. 100% Stronga made. That means you are getting a hook lift trailer that is made from years of experience, using only the highest quality components available. Stronga only build machines that have strength, working life and residual values over and above that of any other hook lift available today.
2. Ultra light. Extra durable – HookLoada is built using Hardox 450 wear plates in high stress areas of the chassis. Hardox offers extreme toughness, indestructible strength and higher payloads than any other steel in the market, leading to reliability and long life hook lift trailer design.
3. Extra speed & power – HookLoada is highly specified with market-leading brakes, axles and tyres to deliver extra speed in the field and on the road for excellent efficiency. The hooklift trailer chassis arrangement delivers super lifting power to maximise payload potential.
4. Extra long chassis – Each Stronga hook lift trailer has a longer chassis than comparable machines in the market. That means users enjoy the benefits of using longer hooklift containers.
5. Incredibly low centre of gravity – Stronga hook lift trailers users benefit from improved cornering stability, a lower power requirement to upload hook lift containers, and better manoeuvrability with the ultra low HookLoada chassis configuration.
6. Extra tall hook lift containers – Another added benefit of the low centre of gravity is the ability to load taller hook lift containers to maximise the bulk capacity loading potential.

Choose efficiency today with a Stronga hook lift trailer.

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Post time: Dec-16-2016