Brilliant Fishing Catch! two Sharks, 1 Hook!

Land based shark fishing. We have been on the seaside, surf fishing, I had a modest blacktip shark acquire the bait, he received stuck coming in. (I didnt know that then) Then awhile later some thing busted him unfastened, then it received stuck once again. Following a several hour struggle, tugging on the stuck line, it ripped out once again. What I finaly pulled in was a 6′ bull shark that ate the lesser blacktip! The blacktips head was operate up the line, two sharks, 1 hook! Its a bit for a longer period video, I was trying to demonstrate a bit of how long a struggle could previous. Shark fishing is not constantly fast paced at all. Most days you hold out for hrs for these fish. At least I do! Appreciate Y’all!

Post time: Nov-05-2016