Bushman AvonTec Barrel Inverter for Rotating Metal Blanks

Inverters rotate masses by 180 levels whilst preserving the integrity of the item. They have a huge wide variety of purposes with products and solutions as various as molds and dies, stacks of steel blanks, compressor housings and sheets of Corian.

Hydraulic barrel inverters, named for their circular form, are suited to production line or higher volume functions.

This personalized engineered barrel-frame inverter has a capability of eight,000 pounds. It was intended to rotate steel blanks up to sixty three inches sq. by 19 inches higher. The welded steel inversion cradle is mounted on 4 machined steel bogey wheels with lubricated roller bearings.

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Milwaukee-dependent Bushman AvonTec layouts and manufactures personalized intended substance managing products in three item segments: Underneath-the-Hook lifting attachments for cranes, which includes C-hooks, coil grabs, spreader beams, sheet & plate lifters, lifting tongs and far more Ground-dependent products such as scissors elevate tables, upenders, inverters, mould & die carts, and transfer cars and trucks and Slit Coil Packaging Traces for metals processing amenities. The corporation has manufacturing crops in Menomonee Falls, WI and Hamilton, ON Canada.

Post time: Dec-12-2016