Chang Quan Fundamental 2 – Wushu Tutorial Long Fist

This online video illustrates the primary combative rules in elementary degree Wushu Chang Quan identified as Long Fist in English.

Long Fist or Chang Quan in Chinese, is a kind of prolonged vary attack and defense strategies which progressed from Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. The martial artwork consists of several battling purposes useful in battle. These primary strikes may well include punching, kicking, elbow goring, grabbing, pulling, pushing, and takedowns. All through normal exercise, athletes prepare the legs by means of several stances that include the horse stance, forward stance, fall stance, cross stance, and cat stance. When practiced frequently and adequately, students can develop terrific power, velocity, and dexterity.

Elementary Wushu is the to start with degree in accomplishing good results in modern day Chinese Martial Arts. In buy to pave a feasible foundation for starting students, the Worldwide Wushu Federation compiled an crucial curriculum for every person to adhere to. The to start with degree is accomplishing the 6 primary Wushu Long Fist ( Chang Quan ) combinations. These 6 primary combinations will provide as the setting up blocks for all further more degrees of modern day Long Fist.

Mixture 2 introduces the crane hook hand and drive palm method, in addition to the palm frame defensive maneuver.

Start out by stepping into a solid forward lunge stance and drive palm. Transfer all of the excess weight from the forward stance all the way on to the back again leg and sink into a fall stance. This schooling will help to establish solid and potent legs. Practising Wushu Fundamental principles with solid strong stance work will strengthen the legs enormously.

From the fall stance, hook with one hand and drive with the other whilst transferring all of the excess weight from the fall stance into the forward stance. Complete the blend with a palm frame method. One particular palm will defend the ribs and arm pit, whilst the other palm guards the head and deal with.

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