CONTINUUM, HOW OUR UNIVERSE Works!metatron-club/c6cy
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A recap on the common technique of accurate particle physics subject unification accomplished this time on greaseboard for a marginally far better visualization for some.

Einstein’s Past words and phrases have been “Anything is relative” for the reason that he came to understand some essential truths after witnessing an overall US Navy ship vanish off the pier in Philadelphia. An experiment which was accomplished after the FBI attained these understanding by raiding Nikola Tesla’s condominium on the working day he died. Tesla experienced, in modern yrs, created a auto that drove with no fuel. Designed objects vanish by accident when placing with each other his submarine battery procedure. Some of this information and facts discovered it truly is way by word of mouth to John Hutchison, the cross dressing weirdo scientist from B.C., who made use of 3 tesla coils at when to liquefy aluminum and quartz+steel alloys, and carry 8-up bottles off the deck. No, he failed to make factors vanish however, for the reason that he failed to hook the coils up to ac motors, or he’d have discovered the a lot better extent of mass as opposed to energy separation.

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