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PT. Netway Indonesia is the Sole Agent and dependable for profits — support — spare components in just the region of Indonesia for:
1. Flli Ferrari (Italy) — Articulating Truck Mounted Crane & Skycrane (Aerial Functioning System/AWP)
2. Dongyang Mechatronics (Korea) — Telescopic Truck Mounted Crane & Orange/Scrap Grapple Crane

Special Feature and Advantage of Truck Mounted Crane:
*Flli Ferrari: *Integral (a single-piece) steel castings, at the coronary heart of Flli Ferrari rack and pinion slewing systems, distribute load stresses additional evenly, are additional trustworthy, lighter in fat, and up to 50% additional sturdy than welded steel *Excellent of crane can be trustworthy mainly because the experimental division performs performing checks on the prototypes that simulate the entire existence of the crane *Load limiting gadget is to safeguard your crane from overload and to preserve the basic safety of operator.
*Dongyang Mechatronics: *Additional than 20 yrs professional in created hydraulic cylinder (the main power of crane) and provided it to Tadano (Which is why the colour of Dongyang is blue) *Security Unit, these as: anti to block (reduce the hook strike the growth), load limiter gadget, unexpected emergency end, alarm horn *Finish with Rear Outrigger, improved the stability in the course of operational *The materials of crane is High Toughness and Lower Bodyweight *Functioning lamp *Oil Cooler, to make the overheat slower in the course of extreme operational.

The stability of Crane on Truck:
A. Light Responsibility Truck, six Tires, GVW 7.five Ton
- Flli Ferrari F 551A3. Specification: 1.870kg @ 2.2m // 510kg @ 7.79m.
- Flli Ferrari F 561A2. Specification: 2.510kg @ 2.55m // 865kg @ 7.15m.
B. Medium Responsibility Truck, six Tires, GVW 15 Ton.
- Flli Ferrari F 714A2. Specification: 4.550kg @ 2.89m // 1.560kg @ eight.33m.
- Flli Ferrari F 714A3. Specification: 4.400kg @ 2.89m // 1.140kg @ ten.41m.
- Flli Ferrari F 717A2. Specification: 5Ton @ 2.76m // 1.715kg @ eight.25m.
- Dongyang SS1404. Specification: 6Ton @ 2m // 950kg @ eleven.4m.
C. Hefty Responsibility Truck, ten Tires, GVW 26 Ton.
- Dongyang SS1924. Specification: 7Ton @ 2.7m // 850kg @ thirteen.6m.
- Flli Ferrari F 721A3. Specification: 7.830kg @ 2.35m // 1.715kg @ eight.25m.
- Dongyang SS2036. Specification: 8Ton @ 2m // 400kg @ 19.8m.
- Flli Ferrari F 258A3. Specification: 9.100kg @ 2.6m // 2.140kg @ 9.93m.
- Dongyang SS2724. Specification: 10Ton @ 3m // 1.700kg @ 14.5m.
- Flli Ferrari F 732A3. Specification: eleven.100kg @ 2.57m // 2.870kg @ 9.7m.
D. Hefty Responsibility Truck, GVW around 36 Ton.
- Dongyang SS3506. Specification: 15Ton @ 3m // 1.000kg @ 25.2m.
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Many others exclusive functionality of crane:
*Dongyang — Knuckle Boom Cranes complete with Scrap/Orange Grapple. Lifting Bodyweight: 4Ton ~ 5Ton. Grapple Capacity: .35m3 ~ .4m3.
*Flli Ferrari — Skycrane. Max lifting Height: thirteen.3m ~ 15.8m. (Multifunction: For Crane & AWP).
*Marine Crane/Many others Situation. We are also professional for putting in the crane over the marine or for other individuals ailment.

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