Fall Safety Protection with Consolidated Rigging

http://consolidatedriggingandlifting.com/videos/fall-safety-protection-with-consolidated-rigging – In this video, John Raulerson discusses fall protection safety, and how Consolidated Rigging and Lifting helps rigging companies get the job done, while preventing injury and keeping workers safe.

Here’s everything that is covered in this video:

Hi, it’s John with Consolidated Rigging. We’re high up on a crane that offloads large container ships with a ship-to-shore crane. Today we’re looking at fall protection, and we’re going through the crane and finding exposures where workers may be at risk of falling. We’re also installing a temporary line, and later a permanent system, that will allow workers to go out onto the crane rails without risk of injury or falling.

Consolidated Rigging provides high performance boom hoist ropes, cables, and shivs. We also come out and do inspections. We come out and inspect your wire rope and see if there are any problems with your wire rope wearing prematurely. We also come out and check your shivs, do dynamic load testing, so we take samples and break-test it on site. Also, below the hook rig, we specialize in lift load planning, designing and planning loads. It’s a lot of weight, and we have the gear to lift it.

Since 1967, we have provided excellent service to all types of rigging outfits and we’ve done so with a clean safety record. Safety is priority at Consolidated Rigging, and we do not send anything out, that has not been proof tested. We work off the 5:1 safety factor, whereas most others in the industry work off the 4:1 safety factor. So we are safety-conscious, we have a good track record, and we have the inventory in stock to get the job done.

As you can see from the great view behind me, we’re about 300 feet in the air, and you can see the ship with lots of containers down there, it’s a very good site. It’s a little windy out today, but we’re keeping everybody safe so workers can get the job done, and return back home to their families.

Post time: Dec-30-2016