HINOWA Lightlift 17.75 Efficiency IIIS Compact Crawled Growth – Accessibility System

We test the new HINOWA Lightlift 17.75 Efficiency IIIS , a compact crawled increase that is becoming much more & much more well-liked.
Our most recent tracked obtain platform can work with 230 kgs in the basket, with jib & increase completely opened.
This new very affordable machine can arrive at people tight area that couldn’ t be arrived at with other lifts.
The new jib Efficiency makes it possible for to the operators to work in each individual ailment with 230 kgs in the basket, which indicates two men and women functioning with all the important resources in the basket, trying to keep the parameters load ability VS machine’s fat exceptionally risk-free.
Also, the solid articulated composition ensures a good up and above serving to to cross quite a few road blocks.
Many thanks to the pantograph procedure an great vertical trajectory can be acquired, this makes it possible for a simple and precise functioning flush with the wall with incredibly quick movements.
The distant handle of the Efficiency IIIS has a simplified interface : one joystick controls only one movement.
The interface menu is readily available in several languages and a simple exhibit provides handy info to the operator.
It attributes straightforward and comfortable controls these as self stabilization, increase movements and translation.
The 4 outriggers of the machine can be stabilized at the same time and instantly with one button.
With a further button the machine could be destabilized instantly.
The procedure preserves the likelihood to stabilize one outriggers manually in case of unique road blocks or requirements.
A simple exhibit presents the operator with critical informations.
Hydraulic options have been additional in get to have the likelihood to have out various movements at the exact time.
Also, movement pace has been optimized and enhanced in which feasible
The procedure has been improved with new parameters:
• the services icon informs the operator when the machine has to be serviced in the upcoming.
• The down load icon makes it possible for the operator to down load the very last variation of the readily available
The RAHM procedure ( Remote Assistance on Hinowa Machines ) permits a regular distant monitoring of the machine and distant diagnosis.
In addition to the triple-pace travel procedure (up to 3. km/h) the machine is equipped with a handle on the inclination and decelerates instantly in severe disorders, to give a more substantial safety for the operator.
The machine has two ability resources. One of people resources will be AC electric powered, which should be plugged into AC ability. The other is possibly a combustion engine: petrol or diesel with automated rpm handle or a lithium ION battery procedure great for scenarios necessitating silence, no fuel emission and no exterior electrical
link with a cable.
Amid the new attributes:
one. Valuable Forklift forks housing for transport to minimize the loading and unloading times from the truck
2. Hooks for lifting with a crane
3. 12° degrees automated leveling
four. Proportional handle on the distant
five. Maximized movement pace

Some technological specifics

17 mt functioning top
Fat : 2230 kgs
Duration: four.5m, top
Height: much less than 2 mts with discs mounted
Width : suited for one doorway

Courtesy of videohinowa

Post time: Dec-04-2016