How to exchange a bathroom fill valve – Fluidmaster

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How to exchange a bathroom fill.
The Fluidmaster Fill Valve will suit most bogs. It adjusts from nine” to fourteen”.

· Initial, shut off the valve below the bathroom that feeds h2o to the tank.

· Future flush the bathroom to drain the tank. You should really hold down the tackle to drain as a great deal h2o as possible. You can also sponge out any h2o remaining or just place a modest bucket or tray below the tank to catch any h2o remaining in the tank when they remove the outdated fill valve.

· Applying an adjustable wrench loosen the nut connecting the supply line to the shut off valve to the bathroom.

· Future loosen the nut using an adjustable pliers connecting the best of the supply line to the base of the outdated fill valve.

· Remove the outdated supply line.

· Future remove the nut connecting the outdated fill valve to the tank. This will be on the outdoors of the tank below the tank.

· Following getting rid of the nut, pull out the outdated fill valve.

· Having the new fill valve, place the rubber washer on the base of the valve (beveled facet down).

· Fall the new fill valve into the hole in the tank, struggling with the float towards the center of the tank.

· From below the tank, hook up the nut to hold the valve in put.

· Now hook up the refill tube to the overflow pipe in the center of the tank. This pipe keeps the tank from overflowing if the valve failed to turn off. It also places h2o into the bowl following flushing.
· Use the fitting provided to attach the tube to the overflow pipe so it does not siphon out h2o.

· Link the supply line from the shut off valve to the new fill valve.

If you are using a new supply line you will need to know the sizing. Most shut off valves are three/8″ compression. But some are 1/2″ compression. The fill valve is 7/8″. If you need assist, provide in the outdated suppy line. We also have a Healthy All supply line. It has interchangeable bushings for 1/2′ IPS, 1/2″ compression or three/8″ compression.

As soon as every thing is connected. Change on the h2o to the bathroom and test for leaks.

You can modify the top of the float with an adjustable rod using a screw driver or turning the knob by hand.

Post time: Nov-23-2016