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The transfer case on your Ford is a heavy piece of tools your transmission works by using to mail ability to the front and rear wheels. It is found at the rear of the transmission and is not way too challenging to get rid of, but care need to be taken to keep away from personal injury when eliminating this heavy piece of tools. Apart from excess weight, it is also found around the exhaust and catalytic converter, so be absolutely sure your truck is sufficiently cooled right before taking on this undertaking.
Even although their transmissions are unique, the Ford F-a hundred and fifty and F-250′s engines have similar transfer case setups. The process for removing and set up is the same.

This moderately challenging position normally takes about a day and expenses from $230 to $500 bucks. A experienced will charge around $800 bucks.

This position calls for two floor jacks, jack stands, ½ inch ratchet, ⅜ inch ratchet, deep nicely sockets, WD-40, metallic cleaner, a pry bar, drain pans or buckets, new transfer case fluid, and a torque wrench.

Step Just one – Get rid of the battery terminals

Disconnect the battery terminals right before starting up any function.

Step Two – Jack up the rear stop

Chock the front wheels. Use jack stands to assistance and stabilize the truck after lifting the rear stop with a floor jack. Use an more jack or additional jack stands to assistance the transfer case when you are all set to get rid of it from the back of the transmission.

Step 3 – Drain the transfer case fluid

Location a drain pan below the transfer case. Use a 3/eight” ratchet to loosen the drain plug. The drain plug is found on the bottom left. The leading plug is applied for filling. Get rid of the leading plug and then the bottom. This will enable to drain faster.

Step Four – Get rid of the travel shafts

Unbolt the rear travel shaft from the transfer case.
There are 4 twelve millimeter bolts keeping this in spot.

When the bolts are removed, pull it from the back so you can pull it no cost of the transfer case. You may need some more enable right here. Repeat this process with the front travel shaft.

When eliminating the travel shaft, be absolutely sure to not harm the splines on the within of the travel shaft housing.

Step 5 – Get rid of the skid plate if you have 1

If you have a skid plate below your transfer case, you will need to get rid of it for quick entry. There are only 4 10 millimeter bolts, two on each individual side connecting the skid plate to the frame.

Step Six – Get rid of the transfer case

There is a transfer case wire harness that desires to be unhooked. It is a push-pull sort of connector and should be quick to disengage.
The transfer case is mounted on the back of the transmission with 6 13 millimeter bolts.
The leading two on each individual side are the most challenging to get rid of and you will do on your own a massive favor by working with a swivel extension sort of ratchet to get rid of them.

The transfer case is heavy. Following eliminating the bolts, set it on an additional floor jack if you have 1 and wheel it out. Established the new transfer case and wheel it back below and jack it back up into spot.

Step 7 – Clean the metallic mating surfaces

Use a metallic cleaner to clear the mating surfaces among the truck and the new transfer case. It is in all probability a superior notion to use new gaskets, but if your old gaskets are however in superior condition, you might opt to re-use them. Diligently clear the old and make note of the gasket surface area. Any nicks or gouges will induce fluid leakage.

Step Eight – Increase the transfer case into situation

Use the floor jack to elevate the new transfer case into situation and re-set up the 6 13 millimeter bolts to the transmission. Torque the bolts to 37 toes lbs ..

Step 9 – Exchange the skid plate, travel shafts, and fluid

Exchange the skid plate and travel shafts into spot. If you marked the shafts, make absolutely sure to align them the same way that they had been when you removed the old transfer case. Exchange the transfer case fluid with a item authorised for Ford vans.

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