Lego City Cargo Train 60052 Review Build

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This is Lego City 2014 Cargo Train Set.Move heavy goods – and animals! – around the Lego City with the super-powerful LEGO City Cargo Train Set 60052! This awesome motorized Lego train with 4-channel, 7-speed, infrared remote control can transport almost anything in your Lego City. So it’s your job to make sure the lego cargo train is in the right place at the right time to keep the Lego city running smoothly. Attach the cattle wagon and 2 cargo wagons together and pull them around the circular lego train track with the locomotive. Operate the forklift to move the pallets safely between the wagons and truck. Keep track of all the lego train 60052 leaving and arriving in the office at the impressive lego cargo train station. There you can use the sliding overhead lego crane with hook to move heavy cargo between lego vehicles or onto the ground. You can make all this things in Lego City Undercover. With so many play functions and cool features, this really is the ultimate set for lego train enthusiasts! Includes 4 minifigures: forklift driver, train driver, farmer and a lego truck driver.

•Includes 4 minifigures: forklift driver, train driver, farmer and a truck driver
•Lego Train features a motorized locomotive with 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control, driver’s cabin with opening doors and dashboard, plus a cattle wagon and 2 cargo wagons
•Cattle wagon features a cow, trough, bales of straw, bucket of milk and a strong fence with 2 gates
•Fuel wagon features a fuel tank with chain, pallet with wheelbarrow and a forklift
•Cable drum wagon features 2 large cable drums in holders and a lifting chain
•Truck features a driver’s cab with cup and a large flatbed for the fuel tank
•Lego train station features a sliding overhead crane with hook to load and unload heavy-duty cargo, office with computer and cup, sack barrow, trash bin and a fire extinguisher
•Includes a full circular track with 20 curved lego rail tracks and 8 straight lego rail tracks
•Also includes a forklift
•Operate the lego 60052 Cargo Train with the 7-speed infrared remote control
•Attach the wagons and drive the Lego train around the curved Lego train track
•Load and unload the cargo with the powerful forklift
•Move cargo from the lego train wagons to the truck at the cargo lego train station

Post time: Jan-07-2017