Lego Classic 9V Railroad 4565 Freight and Crane Railway – Lego Speed Build Review

Lego Speed Build
Classic Town 9V Railroad 4565 Freight and Crane Railway
914 pcs
Year 1996
Lego 7823 Review

If Mordor had a rail line, this would be the train. This set came out in 1996 and featured a small, German-style engine, three flat-cars that could accommodate various loads, three mini-figures, a truck, and a loading station. The loading station was really nifty as it sported two cranes (one with a bucket, the other a hook) on a road baseplate as well as a working weigh-station. The weigh-station was a simple balance with a weight indicator. The loads included three yellow tipping ore carriers, two conical barrels (for concrete?), a pallet with tools and machinery, and storage container. The set came with an oval of 9V track and speed controller.

As this set is now rare and long out of production, it commands a very high price. The main secondary market for Lego is on, so be sure to include that in your search. Also, Lego discontinued the 9V train system in 2007, and with 9V track and motors becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, the set is primarily of interest to collectors. The new train system (PF) uses non-metallic track, batteries, and infrared control. The track is the same gauge (so PF trains can run on 9V track, but not the other way around). Lego has also redesigned the magnetic couplers on the train cars in order to be more child safe. Click through my name and choose the “Guides” tab in order to see my guide on Lego trains (with current offerings, etc.).

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