LEGO Technic Crawler Crane XL with power functions

You see a crawler crane XL with 8 Power Function motors (4 XL-motors, 4 M-motors), and controlled by 4 IR receiver. Height of this crane is approx. 170cm and built with more than 4700 LEGO® parts.
IR remote control:
Channel 1: Lift up/down the suspended ballast (XL-motor), Winch 1, to move the Derrick boom (M-motor)
Channel 2: Winch 2, to move the main boom (M-motor), Winch 3, to move the luffing fly jib (M-motor)
Channel 3: Travelling gear left (XL-motor), Travelling gear right (XL-motor)
Channel 4: Winch 4, to move the hook, Turn the crane

Post time: Jan-08-2017