Light-weight Composite Truck Mounted Crane – by Oz Lifting

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Uncover why our Compozite Davit Crane is a terrific preference for your truck mounted applications.

Functions and Advantages:

• Growth/Extension and Mast produced of Superior Composite Materials
• Gentle fat, about forty% lighter than steel
• Corrosion resistant
• Metal factors mil-spec zinc plated
• Exterior tackle can help rotate crane less than load
• four situation growth
• Ratchet screw jack adjusts growth less than load providing you infinite array of elevate
• 360 degree rotation of crane on sleeve bearing
• No equipment required for installation
• DIN-Rated hand winch outfitted standard with a load holing weatherproof Weston brake
• Hand winch accepts two various cable termination details: swaged ball fitting or bare finish cable
• Quick connect winch tackle with electrical power drill adapter involved
• Pedestal or Socket bases offered independently and comes with mounting template
• Sensible Latch technological know-how at growth/mast link

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Click on to study far more about our Davit Crane.

Post time: Nov-14-2016