Lively Heave Compensated Winch on a hundred ton Offshore crane

This is a “house video” recorded during a exam on a a hundred ton swl Lively Heave Compensated Offshore Crane in Singapore.

You can see the winch, the manage panel and the hook.

As there are now authentic waves, we have simulated the waves by using a sinus signal as input for the AHC computer system.

The established wave is +/- three.8 meter with a twelve 2nd interval. I am not mindful of any people today functioning below these situation, but would like to acquire videos of any one that experienced the encounter…………..

On the computer system display screen you can see the green and yellow traces which stand for the input signal and precise calculated movement of the hook.

The movement of the winch is a Actual TIME result from the input signal.

Its a pity that the refresh placing of the winch speed counter is established very low (to safe processor potential for much more important functions), so the precise numeric acceleration can be found only in a few techniques.

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Post time: Nov-22-2016