LK Electrical Chain Hoist Earns HMI-Accredited License

SPRINGFIELD, OH (Oct 13, 2015) R&M Components Handling, Inc. is delighted to announce that the LK Electrical Chain Hoist has been awarded the HMI-Accredited License. It is also considerable to note that R&M is the only manufacturer to have gained two (two) HMICertified Licenses one for the LK electric chain hoist and one for the Spacemaster SX® in 2014. In simple fact, the Spacemaster SX is the initially and presently only wire rope hoist system to earn this kind of a certification. The LK hoist has capacities ranging from one/eight – two ton (125kg – 2000kg). The patented load wheel with 5 intermediate enamel provides much less chain don and permits the LK to work smoothly and quietly. All R&M hoists are statically and dynamically analyzed with a minimum of one hundred twenty five% rated load.

LK Electrical CHAIN HOISTS Regular Features:

•1/eight to two ton capacities (one hundred twenty five kg – 2000 kg) / Solitary tumble up to one ton (a thousand kg), two tumble up to two tons (2000 kg)

•10, fifteen and 20 ft. (3, four.5 and 6 m) lifts normal further lifting heights available up to 98 ft. (30 m) single tumble, forty nine ft. (fifteen m) two tumble

•Two-pace TMU trolley drive unit (trolley pace is 80/20 FPM)

•Trolley brake, fall lugs and bumpers are normal

•Variable frequency drive alternative on TMU

•Various hoist suspensions which include hook, thrust trolley & motorized trolley (TMU)

•Disc brake positioned following the mechanical overload system (clutch) on the load path

•High density polyethylene black chain container

•Two or a few phase helical equipment

Post time: Nov-26-2016