Make church bells ring with the contact of an Iphone

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Cologne, Brescia – April sixth, 2010
1. Close up of bell swinging on the aid
2. Mid of bell swinging on an iron aid noticed from beneath
3. Mid of embellished bronze bells on a desk with a card reading through “Rubagotti Carlo – Chiari’s Bell Artisans”
four. Wide of Giacomo (centre) and Luca (still left) Rubagotti, hammering iron strings on the anvil
5. Mid of the Rubagotti brothers hammering iron strings on the anvil
6. Close up of hammer beating on the anvil
seven. Mid of employee at the forge heating up an iron bar
eight. Wide of the Rubagotti store
9. Wide of employee getting ready digital parts to mount them on a steel system
10. Mid of employee drilling a steel board to fix digital circuits
eleven. Close up of drill piercing the steel board
twelve. Close up of digital show demonstrating the RC-Touchbell interface
13. Mid of the Rubagotti brothers speaking about their do the job with IT engineer Giorgio Campiotti
14. Established up for Giorgio Campiotti, IT Engineer and Head of GlobalFox
15. SOUNDBITE (Italian), Giorgio Campiotti, IT Engineer and Head of GlobalFox:
“It usually takes place that when we get there at a church the priest takes an Iphone out of his pocket. To this new generation of priests, we preferred to give whole management of their church technique so they could control all features of technologies within their parish from any corner of the earth.”
sixteen. Close up of hands on Iphone gadget launching RC-Touchbell
17. Mid of Giorgio Campiotti triggering a bell technique from his Iphone
18. Mid of bell simulator playing a melody
19. Close up of bell simulator playing a melody
20. SOUNDBITE (Italian), Giorgio Campiotti, IT Engineer and Head of GlobalFox:
“Powering all this lies an digital coronary heart identified as RC-Touchbell, which is an sophisticated running technique for campaniles, tower clocks, and every little thing that a church needs.”
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Chiari, Brescia – April sixth, 2010
21. Wide of interiors of the Chiari Duomo church
22. Wide of altar with girl reading through all through a mass
23. Mid of nuns shaking hands in sign of peace all through the mass
24. Mid of church goers standing up all through the mass
25. Many of Chiari Duomo’s bells shot from within and exterior the campanile as they chime
26. Wide of church goers leaving mass at the Chiari Duomo
27. Wide of avenue perspective of the Chiari Duomo with bells ringing
28. Wide of Chiari’s skyline with bells ringing
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Tirano – April 7th, 2010
29. Wide of Italian Alps
30. Wide of mountainside church
31. Mid of Giacomo Rubagotti towing an previous bell
32. Wide of Giacomo Rubagotti waiting for a crane to hook up the bell
33. Close up of crane carrying the bell down
34. Wide of crane dragging the bell down
35. Close up of crane bringing bell down
36. Wide of Giacomo Rubagotti grabbing the bell from the crane
37. Mid of Giacomo Rubagotti fastening the bell to a truck with leather belts
38. SOUNDBITE (Italian), Giacomo Rubagotti, Bell Artisan:
“They made use of to think that the seem of bells and its vibrations, could break the clouds and prevent hail. To this working day, several towns in the valley continue to regard this common belief.”
39. Wide of the ceiling of the Madonna of Tirano Sanctuary
forty. Mid of the altar at the Madonna of Tirano Sanctuary
41. Mid of Giorgio Campiotti demonstrating RC-Touchbell to Father Aldo Passerini, rector of the Madonna of Tirano Sanctuary
42. Mid of Father Aldo Passerini seeing the demonstration
forty three. Mid of the RC-Touchbell show mounted in the sacristy of the Madonna of Tirano Sanctuary
44. SOUNDBITE (Italian), Father Aldo Passerini, Rector of the Madonna of Tirano Sanctuary:
“Nicely, the technique is really specific and supplies a large array of selections. Plainly, it necessitates far more awareness and you need to have to analyze it a bit. But with the directions, you can find out it.”
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