Maxson-Tek Hook Lift Singapore! =)

Maxson-Tek Europe, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, has launched in a vast range of hydraulic arms Hook Lifts and is now recognized as a market leader in Asia-Pacific region. Having worked closely with vehicle manufacturers, waste and demolition transfer stations operations, we have developed a wide range of products based on a few simple criteria:
1. optimization of all features
2. easy vehicle installation and
3. adaptation to all types of containers or platforms.
The Maxson-Tek Hook Lift has inimitable design of hook boom and locking structure, making the action of the equipment much more credible and reliable. Its state of art design and manufacturing capabilities give us one of the best reliability/price ratios on the European market.
The brand uses high quality standards for all of its components. For example, the hydraulic cylinders are manufactured and imported from Liebherr, Germany. In addition, the range of telescopic arms allows a perfect load distribution on the chassis, regardless of the container length.
The Maxson-Tek hook lifts are manufactured according to European standards and directives to provide customers with all the guarantees of quality and safety during their use. Also, it allows you to maximize the equipment investment with versatile units at affordable prices.
With a highly competent and professional team, Maxson-Tek Europe is convinced to become your main supplier of loading equipment. Focusing on the design and the assembly of hook lift systems, we are innovative, highly specialized and fully dedicated to assist and service our customers in the waste management, construction and communities fields of application.

Post time: Jan-01-2017