Nr four Presentation AL Elevate product AL TRUCK UNO EL

Truck mounted crane arm with chain hoist handling system for uncomplicated and economical purchase picking.
Order picking involving weighty loads has constantly been quite challenging function, with operators across all industries generally running a high danger of staying injured.

But which is now a matter of the previous now, many thanks to AL-Elevate product AL-TRUCK UNO EL – allowing you to simply move even weighty loads, whilst also satisfying the obligations established out beneath portion five of the German Occupational Safety and Overall health Act concerning normal measures to stop occupational health and fitness hazards.

The chain hoist handling basic principle has previously proven its worthy of in stationary apps and can now – for the to start with time ever – be deployed in conjunction with an purchase picker.

The positive aspects for you:
– Elevate weighty loads with no actual physical exertion
– Again and joints are relieved
– Optimized handling performance
– Integrated system for risk-free and safe handling
– Dealing with of different sorts of goods utilizing a wide variety of accessible instruments
– Rapidly, instrument-totally free gripper transform finished by conventional speedy-transform adapter

AL-Elevate product AL-TRUCK UNO EL is an integrated alternative with a chain hoist lifter used in conjunction with counter well balanced vans.
The one hand operated chain hoist allows uncomplicated load handling for the operator. The hoist is conventional with a detachable hook, which signifies an uncomplicated transform of instrument is achievable. AL-Elevate can supply a range of instruments f.ex clamping instruments for tiles, polymer, plastic packing containers and so forth,. The conventional edition is accessible in variations up to 240 kg and the articulated arm can operate on both of those sides of the truck.

Technological Knowledge:
Most load: SWL sixty – one hundred – one hundred sixty – one hundred eighty – 240 kg
Complete peak (depends on truck product) 2.860 mm
Lifting peak (depends on suction pad) one.600 mm
Arm achieve (depends on product) : 2.000 mm
Doing the job achieve 360 diploma

Post time: Nov-14-2016