Out-of-Synch Liftgate Latch Do-it-yourself Resolve – 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan

Do-it-yourself repair to reposition the latch disc of an Computerized Liftgate Latch on 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan.

If the distant liftgate will not likely shut due to the fact the latch system was closed when it was in the open up position (to tie it down, for instance) this demonstrates how to reset the latch position.

Standard Operation DESCRIPTION. The procedure appears to be a uncomplicated latch that is opened or closed by drive used when the procedure hydraulics open up or shut the gate and drive the latch on to (off of) the metallic ring it locks down on. When the gate opens there is a spring loaded capture that (likely) is electronically launched from holding the latch disc in place. The hydraulics and gears then pull the gate up and this forces the latch disc into the open up position (with the notch experiencing the metallic loop it would lock on to). When the gate closes the capture is once again launched and the hydraulics drive the gate down and the latch disk onto the metallic loop, producing it to transform, hook on to the loop, and then the capture snaps back again into place to maintain the latch disc closed and on the loop – locking the liftgate.

Possible Lead to/Circumstance. Some gates (all, on each and every Dodge Grand Caravan We have at any time owned) don’t have a place to connect a string, bungee twine, or other tie down. When people today need to tie the gate down they might manually move the disc-like latch into the closed position (the capture will just slide out of place and snap into the up coming position – partially or absolutely closed. This happened to me when I went to a travel in and they (politely) requested that we tie the elevate gate down a bit so it wouldn’t obstruct the watch of others.

Challenge is, if the latch is in the closed/locked position when the gate is open up, it is out of phase w/the automated system and the cycle to shut the gate and lock it will not function. The spring loaded capture is launched to enable the latch disc to transform when it meets the metallic loop and drive is used. But because it’s hitting at a closed spot on the latch disc it just bumps into the loop and the procedure interprets this as one thing caught in the gate. The automated system then defaults to manual method. No sum of button pushing, energy cycling, turning ignition on or off, and so forth. will function. The procedure just is just not designed to cope with the latch disc currently being out of position.

Do-it-yourself Resolve. To appropriate this you need two flat bladed screwdrivers. A single demands to be extensive adequate and skinny adequate to access up and driving the latch disc to push the spring loaded capture up. At the exact same time you use the other screwdriver to transform the latch disc to the halfway closed position. This even now will not likely enable you shut the gate, though.

Action two is to then use the shorter and thicker of the two screwdrivers to Partially re-shut the latch disc. Really don’t completely undo what you just completed – just move the latch disc towards the absolutely closed position a small (say a couple of levels of transform or about one/eight” distance on the disc). This will trigger the spring-loaded capture to ride up the latch disc a small and give you a hole that you can get the smaller sized, extended screwdriver into without harming the capture. At the time there, push the capture out of the way once again and transform the latch disc the rest of the way into the open up position. Voila – you’re in essence finished.

From there you should really be able to manually or mechanically shut the gate, resetting the latch disc into the appropriate position for the usual liftgate cycle.

An easy repair, but a agony if you don’t know what the procedure is performing, if it’s dim, or if you don’t take place to have two appropriately sized screwdrivers! I known as the Dodge dealership and explained my trouble and (to their credit history) even though they explained that probably “resetting the latch” was what was wanted, they were not able to explain the trigger nor the repair and claimed to not see this normally adequate to know what the problem was. They did offer to have me travel it in, but I was hesitant to shell out two+ several hours and possible a $seventy five labor charge for one thing that should really be Do-it-yourself-able. I hunted close to on the InterWebs and YT and all the liftgate latch things was about total blown repairs. So, ideally this will aid a person else!

Post time: Dec-13-2016