Scotty Electrical Downriggers

The Scotty® 1106 Depthpower Electrical Downrigger has a telescopic one one/four” stainless metal growth that adjusts from 36″- 60″. The 1101 product has a set thirty” growth and the 1099 product has a set 24″ growth employing a one” diameter stainless metal tube.

The 1106 and 1101 come conventional with the Scotty® 1026 Swivel Base that allows the downrigger to rotate 360 levels and offers 16 locking positions.

The 1099 arrives with the Scotty® 1023 Tilt-up Base, enabling for relieve of maneuvering when approaching and leaving the dock.

The Scotty® Depthpower collection come equipped with a growth mounted Rodmaster ll Rod Holder, that is adjustable the two up and down, mechanical line counter as very well as 250 toes of premium 150lb. examination stainless wire.

The Depthpower Downriggers have an impressive retrieval rate, lifting a 15lb. body weight at 203 ft./min. and a 10lb. body weight at 222 ft./min. with minimal amperage attract.

Post time: Oct-25-2016