Semi Minimal Loader Trailer, Lowbed Treyler

eight Axle Semi Minimal Loader Trailer

eight AXLE SEMI Minimal LOADER TRAILER (Minimal-bed)

Minimal Loader Specialized Houses:

ninety five.000 Kg

( GLY8 )- eight axle Semi Minimal Loader Trailer
(Pool or system semi trailer) (Option: Extendable semi very low loader trailer)

sixteen.000 Kg – 21.000 Kg

Axle Device:
eight Models.
(Alternatives: self-steering​ or hydraulic steering axles groups)

Tire Device And Dimension:
It is produce in accordance to ability or style. It is 32 models. 235/75 R seventeen,five”, 295/sixty R 22.five”

Minimal Loader Chassis:
Semi Minimal Loader Trailer has been manufactured in welding constructions with gasoline steel arc welding as “I” crossing from superior resistant steel taking into consideration overloads good to ability and meant use.

It is in accordance seventeen.five rim and 8×12 tons, it is in accordance 8×14 ton ability 22.five rims will be air suspension.
(Option: Hydraulic suspension semi very low loader trailer. This option is taken with hydraulic steering axles)

Brakes procedure is applied in accordance to the standards EEC ninety seven/twelve, double-circuit pneumatic, EBS, WABCO is brand.

eight Axle Semi Minimal Loader Trailer Proportions:

12500 mm – 15500 mm.
Varies depending on meant use.
(Option: Extension 6000 mm – 10000 mm)

Full Lenght:
16500 mm – 20000 mm varies in accordance to demand from customers

As air or hydraulic suspension 2500 mm with 3300 mm varies in accordance to demand from customers.

Platform Peak:
Varies in accordance to demand from customers, Pool peak five hundred mm with 1000 mm, Platform sort semi very low loader trailer peak 920 mm is between 1050 mm (Max)

Electric powered Installation:
The applied Installation materials conform to the EEC 24 Qualified European norms.

Loading Ramps:
Standart pneumatic or hydraulic procedure with is optionel, pneumatic ramp NPI 220 foundation content. To produce very robust ramps are like as alway, one yr or 2 a long time later on, it isnt required. So you can allows function, Hydraulic ramps will be make 2500 mm + 1500 mm = 4000 mm, Ramp specially made is robust. “Gürleşenyıl Treyler” Low-cost, Top quality with Have faith in

Platform Products:
Semi Minimal Loader Trailer top of the system is ¾ diamond-embossed and sides are “KTM (Rubber Foundation Content)”.. What is KTM?. Click on in this article…
In excess of system eight mm is basic sheet for function machine bucket and from decrease is support.

The ideal coloration of Acrylic paint is applied as top coat in excess of two layered epoxy primer.

King Pin:
2″or three,five” flanged bolts, resistant to superior degrees of stress brakes, manufactured from cast steel. Quick to transform thanks to screw connections. E Qualified
(GURLESENYIL Turkey’s semi very low loader trailer provider)

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