Stronga HookLoada HL300DT – The future is so much bigger than the past

Stronga HookLoada HL300DT is the most powerful model in the globally recognised Stronga hook lift trailer series. HookLoada HL300DT delivers pure power, passion and prowess in heavy material and high bulk capacity transport.

In the video, see exclusive footage of the world famous tri-axle Stronga hook lift trailer. Compared to HL260T XL, HookLoada HL300DT offers the benefits of 15%* extra carrying capacity:
1. 15% more fuel efficient. 15% less fuel usage equates to a saving of 1.3L per hour.
2. 15% more time doing what you want to do, saving you up to 3.6 hours per day.
3. 15% lower labour cost. What could you save annually?
4. 15% fewer tractor hours per tonne transported.
5. 15% fewer journeys.

Stronga HL300DT hook lift trailer is the most modern transport system available in the hook lift market today, improving material transport efficiency using modern high speed tractors. With an ultra-light and extra-strong design made exclusively from Hardox 450 wear plates and aluminium components, the hook loader HL300DT trailer is now even more efficient and effective in heavy material transport applications.

Discover just a few of the main features of the ultra-high capacity tri-axle HL300DT trailer:
• HookLoada HL300DT is the most powerful trailer available in the hook lift market today. The class-leading hook lift trailer is already proving to be a remarkably valuable transport solution for high output commercial users across a range of markets (agriculture, construction, waste, renewable energy and so on).
• HookLoada HL300DT has an ultra-low tare weight from extensive use of extra-strong Hardox and Weldox in the construction, ensuring optimal payload and max power. The ultra-powerful hook lift trailer design means HookLoada HL300DT customers can now pick up and tip 30T at any one time.
• HookLoada 300DT accepts even longer containers than previous designs. The hook tower stroke is now 300mm longer than HL260T XL, allowing operators to load hook lift containers up the 8100mm long. That equates to over 50m³ load capacity for stunning efficiency in bulky material transport.
• Michelin CargoXbib UltraFlex tyres operate at low pressure, reducing soil compaction and increasing ground protection, thereby preserving farmland productivity. Stronga 30T hook lift trailer customers are noticing the benefits of getting to harvest earlier in the year without damaging subsoil, thanks to HookLoada HL300DT’s Michelin flotation UltraFlex tyres.
• HookLoada HL300DT comes fitted with ultra-light aluminum mudguards, side rails, protective light grilles and much more. Minimising the trailer weight with aluminum steels maximises the payload, extending efficiency and increasing hook lift trailer productivity.
• High strength polymer crane technology integrated within the hook tower composite arm ensures reliable loading, lifting and tipping performance, even with the heaviest loads.

Discover the excellent optional equipment on offer with the HookLoada 300DT trailer:
• Optional Stronga Electronic Power Steering (EPS) sensor controls the steering function of the axle to improve cornering stability. Stronga EPS operates without mechanical connection between the tractor hitch and trailer axles, reducing tare weight, minimising fuel usage and increasing payload.
• Stronga QuickLoada fast tipping valve delivers 5X faster tipping and picking up speeds.
• Stronga hydraulic suspension guarantees smooth 14° articulation (10% better than others) for comfort on any terrain.
• Remote control console offers full visual control of trailer steering, tipping and offloading functions.
• Inbuilt filtering systems – 1 for steering and 1 for main functions. Clean oil, long life components.
• Hydraulic bumper guarantees added safety on the road and in the field.

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Post time: Jan-02-2017