Stupid Or Amusing Women Widgie, Pantsed, Skirts Lifted Compilation viral

WELCOME TO Women wedgie
When a human being is to start with likely to have a fun, grabs the other person’s underwear or gets behind the other and pulls perosn (leg openings will be forced uncomfortably into the victim’s anus, underwear and a ‘brick’ variety). For illustration, the execution Wedgie, Wedgie Melvin’s, there are many versions of Atomic Wedgie, Wedgie to.

One more reason for a Wedgie when underwear, trousers, shorts, ect. The natural way ride up on their personal.

How thongs women’s joking about supplying a continual Wedgie.

There are various versions of the regular Wedgie, and a checklist of couple of.

All around the Wedgie: victim’s underwear is pulled from all sides. Ordinarily executed by at the very least two people today. Witnessed in the picture.

A connection arm leg even though pulling on his legs to pull close to his leg.

Atomic Wedgie’s: goes to the underwear of the sufferer or the victim’s head is pulled so that it is absolutely torn off. Sir, you could be hooked on belt nose or mouth (to add insult to personal injury the sufferer will be forced to blinded by their underwear and style).

Backward Wedgie’s: A Wedgie the sufferer on his back the place underwear.
Wedgie explosion of searching is so wedgied with no pants on his butt is absolutely exposed. Following the h2o is normally a hose or gun, shot immediately at his butt.

Wedgie’s bra connection (normally a male), woman rehook it by supplying a Wedgie two unhook her bra and underwear leg openings.

Bouncing Wedgie’s: Looking If an execution Wedgie are bounced all over by (ideally on a trampoline, bouncy castle, or if the sufferer is on a house hopper, endure a small on a bed will help a little bit).

The Chair Wedgie’s: Looking is sitting on a chair with a back, the sufferer of a Wedgie. Most hook the back of a chair underwear is much more than ample.

Conga Wedgie’s: stand behind their prey and keep on to your underwear, then somebody will appear up behind you and keep your underwear.

Crane Wedgie’s: a Wedgie by a crane.

Wedgie dangling: the sufferer is a Wedgie just barely touching the ground with their feet.

Elevator Wedgie’s: keep the sufferer down, then grab his underwear, go get in the elevator and earlier mentioned.

Frontal Wedgie’s: Entrance A Wedgie

The Wedgie execution: A Wedgie hunt about land.

Wedgie’s Jet Ski: dragging the sufferer was a Wedgie, but the h2o amount.

Jock Lock Wedgie’s: The deceased is a Wedgie with his feet pulled by legholes their underwear.

Messy Wedgie’s: filthy components are positioned in the victim’s underwear (the whipped product, syrup, and so on.) and they are provided a Wedgie.

Wedgie 44
Messy Wedgie with whipped product

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