Wheel & Rim Repair Schooling Testimonial by Juan Batista


Coming all the way from Puerto Rico to just take Rightlook’s skilled Wheel and Rim Repair Schooling, Juan Batista leaves with knowledge and self-confidence as he goes back home, prepared to offer you Wheel and Rim Repair as a service at his own company.

Rather than continue on to outsource Wheel and Rim Repair expert services, Juan was more than satisfied to attain the know-how and competencies on how to refurbish wheels and rims and begin featuring the lucrative service in-household. With Rightlook’s skilled Wheel/Rim Repair coach Ruben by his side through instruction, the whole rim repair approach was straightforward to discover and have an understanding of.

After repairing several wheels on a live automobile, Juan, as well as the operator of the automobile he labored on, were being more than glad with the closing final results. “I am very impressed, anything was excellent. The wheels turned out excellent,” shares Juan.

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Post time: Nov-17-2016