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25t telescopic clamp with cable reel

Capacity: 25 tonnes

Power: AC,380V,50Hz.

1Usage introduction

Crane lifting equipment(electric swivel telescopic lifting equipment) are widely used in steel factory,warehouse or port station, to move coil steel,round plates,etc.  

2Technical parameters and performance

   2.1; Telescopic motor :1.5 Kw ,output speed of reduction gear:V=5.84;

   2.2; Accurate positioning,two legs can be telescopic;

   2.3; The crane lifting equipment is accord to grabing coil steel inner diameter Ø580- Ø 760 mm,Max.outer diameter Ø 2000 mm,length 400-1250 mm;

   2.4; Components including shackle,steel legs ,motors and motor control system, coil reel,remote control.

   2.5;Telescopic is drivend by motor-reduction gear-small wheel gear-rack-leg. Complete the whole work through the above transmission principle.

   4.6; Compact structure,precise grab,easy operation, efficient,safety,better suitability,advanced technology.

3.Usage manual

    3.1 Attached the crane lifting equipment to crane hook,lifting the equipment then stop beside coil steel,swivel the equipment and the two legs will stop on each side of coil,telescoping the equipment till grab the coil tightly when the legs touch limit-switch(operated by bat-handle switch),lifting the coil horizontally till arrive the designated     place.

   3.2 Lifting the coil to the designated place,falling down  crane hook,put the coil to the designated place,continue to fall down the crane hook till the round devices in the inside bottom of the crane lifting equipment leg popup automatically.Put botton on bat-handle switch to spread the two legs till leave the coil, then hang up the crane hook with the crane lifting equipment,complete the lifting operation.

4.Specification operation,inspection and maintenance

4.1 Specification operation

4.1.1 Not permit to use damaged crane lifting equipment;

4.1.2 Overload is not permitted;

4.1.3 Workers should be far away the crane lifting equipment and the lifting goods;

4.1.4 Standing below the equipment is not permitted;

4.1.5 Ensure the goods are in control state when lifting goods.;

4.1.6 Personnel should be alert to any possible obstructions during lifting process with or without load.;

4.1.7 The crane lifting equipment should avoid impact and collision. Inspect carefully when has impact to ensure the safety.;

4.1.8 Cutting and welding repair are not permitted.;

4.1.9 Inclined hoisting is main reason of damage or scrap,also is not safe.Please strive to lift goods in horizont.。

4.2 Inspection

4.2.1 inspection before use.

  The plate inside of leg will touch the coil during lifting process, this part is eary to be weared,please check usually, change this part if the wear affect the normal use.


4.3 Inspection  cycle    

                                                                    Chart 1 daily inspection

Working level




Inspection cycle(days)




                                                                 Chart 2 regular inspection

Working level



Inspection cycle

One year

One quarter

4.4 Maintenance

4.4.1  Proper usage,regular inspection,reasonable maintenance can ensure safety and extend the service life.

4.4.2  Regular inspect the welding line,stop using and welding repair when crack is founded.

4.4.3  Paint anticorrosion on a regular basis.

4.4.4  Regular checking whether bolts become less crowded or damaged.

4.4.5  Regular clean.

4.4.6  Regular check the bearing and add lubricant oil.



Part desc.







Lime grease

One year


Reduction gears


Gear oil

Maintenance relueling

5.CE certificate


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