Forged hooks

Huabei’s forged hooks are produced to the following comprehensive,
international standards:
• DIN 15400- Materials, properties, capacities, stresses
• DIN 15401- Single hooks, forged
• DIN 15402- Double hooks, forged
• DIN 7540 – Eye hooks class 8 (grade 80), forged
DIN is the German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung) and has been based in Berlin since 1917. DIN has historically developed the detailed and exacting standards used in German engineering and is the body that represents Germany in international standards organizations. Chinese GB-10051 standard are based on DIN, including hook size,testing standard,material chemical contents.
Forged Shank Hooks
Hooks are identified by hook number and material. Each hook number maintains identical dimensions across a range of different materials with its load capacity dependent on the material used. Shank hooks are forged and
heat-treated for optimal strength and toughness and are available in single and double configurations in standard working loads to 1,100 tons. Standard design factor is 5:1. Hook forgings are available in three increasingly stronger carbon and alloy
steel materials:
Class P: Fine-grained carbon steel,DG20Mn(same as St-E355/St-E420), similar to ASTMA573 Gr. 65
Class T: Structural low alloy steel, 35CrMo(same as 34CrMo4 or 34CrNiMo6), similar to SAE 4135/4340
Class V: Super alloy steel, 34CrNiMo or 30Cr2Ni2Mo(same as 34CrNiMo6 or 30CrNiMo8), similar to SAE 4340/4337
In the succeeding selection tables, working load limits (WLL) are indicated for each hook number depending on the material selected. Standard safety latches are included with all hook forgings. Heavy duty positive locking latches are available upon request.
Extended length shanks are available upon request.
Machined Hooks with Nut, Suspensions and Blocks
Huabei can provide forged hooks fully machined and threaded to customer requirements, matching nut included and ready for assembly into the customer’s structure. We can also provide the complete hook suspension with trunnion and thrust bearing, and since Huabei is a block manufacturer, we can provide a complete hook block assembly for any crane type. Huabei lifting hook has a full range of standard blocks for mobile cranes and produces custom blocks to order for overhead cranes.
Forged Heavy-Duty Eye Hooks
Huabei’s Eye Hook features the traditional eye-ring of circular cross section allowing the maximum degree of motion in the connection and is available standard in working loads up to 500 tons These heavy duty eye hooks are forged from 34CrNiMo alloy steel, include a safety latch, and can be adapted for ROV use.