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Single Hook


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Single forged shank hooks

Range from 1.6# through 250#;Maximum capacity 1250 metric tons; Long shaft hooks available;Safety latches available;UT,MT,Mechanical test reports available.

All technology detail as below:

single 1

single 2

single 3

single 4


Crane work level and the weight of the crane is two different concepts. Lifting weight refers to a single by lifting the quality of the material, comprehensive work level is crane work characteristic parameters. Lifting weight big, work level is not high; Small lifting weight, low level of work may not. With the types of cranes, even within the same weight as long as the work level is different, the safety factor of the parts is not the same. If only see lifting tonnage and ignores the work level, low level of the crane is frequent, full use of the work, then can accelerate the vulnerable parts scrap, make frequent failure, and even cause accidents.

In addition to note, crane and the structure of the metal work level and work level is different. Work for the same crane, due to the various agencies at the inconsistencies and working range of load, even the same crane, different organizations working level and crane work level is often inconsistent, in the different institutions to be especially careful when scrap and update the parts.



Crane work level commonly used,working grade A same as ISO M. the below chart help you to select suitable hooks for your crane.


Mechanical test standard


                                               Forged hook scrap standard:

1.Crack:No crack on surface of hook, the hook should be scrapped if there is crack on surface.

2.Size:The throat of hook is up 10% of new hook, the hook should be scrapped.

3.Warp:The hook should be scrapped if the body is warped over 10 degree.

4.Deformation: The hook should be scrapped if the handle of hook deformed.

5.Abrasion:The hook should be scrapped if the working part abrasion is over 5%.

6.Corrosion:The hook should be scrapped if the hook handle D1 size is 5% less than new hook.


                                                        Checking cycle




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