Hook Blocks,Forged Hooks,Crane Wheel,Wire Rope Sheaves,Electrical Rotator,C-hook,Coil and Slab Tongs,Customized hook block,Customized forged parts.

Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co.,Ltd.is a key player of crane components,the largest crane hook manufacturer in China,Located in Changyuan county,known as the hometown of crane and hoists,which make up of 70% total output in the industry.
Henan Huabei Lifting Hook Co.,Ltd. has deep roots in the OEM and ODM crane industries for 25 years. Huabei’s hooks are widely used in Nuclear, Hydropower station,Offshore,Mine,Steel factory,ect. From China to the whole Asia, from US to Europe, Huabei’s products are at work everyday around the globe. Huabei’s products give you quality performance and value unmatched in the industry.