We express warm congratulations to that the joint R & D center was formally established by our company and Zhengzhou Machinery Institute.

In recent year, the company has been actively promoting the technological innovation system construction integrating “production, learning and research” with quality as the main body and market-oriented, establishes long-term technical cooperation with Zhengzhou Machinery Institute, and builds the joint research and development platform to jointly make development and application of a forward-looking new technologies, new products and new technology. In addition, both parties will carry out overall talent training to cultivate a number of technical talents and reserve technical personnel with strong innovation ability together. The long-term cooperation with Zhengzhou Machinery Institute has far-reaching significance for future sustainable development of the company. Meanwhile, the joint R & D center will make a greater contribution to local economic and social development through the joint efforts of both parties.

Post time: Mar-23-2016