Wire Rope Sheaves

Besides being an integral part of blocks, sheaves are also used in a wide variety of applications, not only limited to cranes. Huabei has developed a standard line of sheaves that are used for most wire ropes. The materials are including Cast Iron sheaves, Cast Steel sheaves,Ductile Cast Iron sheaves,Hot-rolled steel sheaves. Huabei’s sheaves can be used all types of equipment from mobile cranes to overhead cranes…all types of applications from lifting drill pipe to opening dam gates…all types of industries from mining to marine, logging to construction.

Wire Rope Sheaves

3 through 55-inch(200 through 1400mm) sheave diameters as standard(smaller or larger size upon request)
1/4 through 3 inch wire rope sizes
4 to 1 design factor
Plain bore (no bearings, bronze bushing, roller bearing without inner race, roller bearing with inner race, and tapered roller bearing types.)
Cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel and hot roll-forged steel plate material types.
3/4 through 6-inch hub widths.(Standard; Larger sizes upon request)
Flame hardened grooves to minimum Rockwell “C”from 15-55 upon materials.

Finish bored sheaves
Bronze bushed sheaves
Roller bearing sheaves without inner race
Roller bearing sheaves with inner race
Other style bearing upon request
Flame hardened grooves on sheaves
Hub-located grease fittings.
Modifications as required to applicable industry standards.
Special shafts furnished for any sheave listed.