Tongs are relatively simple mechanisms and usually a good starting point when considering lifting equipment options. Tongs apply a clamping force in proportion to the weight of the load. A properly designed Tong will apply sufficient force to safely lift the load, yet not damage the product.
Huabei lifting hook has designed and manufactured an extremely wide range of Tongs. Some Tongs will grip on the outside diameter, others on the inside diameter. Our engineers have created Tong mechanisms that can lift multiple items at once or even grip a load sideways!

An automatic latching mechanism allows the Tong to open and close with no outside intervention, relying only on the vertical movement of the Tong. Depending on the application, Tongs can also be configured with a manual release or clamping by pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

Huabei’s Lifting produces mill-duty Tongs that provide years of reliable service in the harshest of environments. Features include:

High strength alloy steel in legs, linkages, bails and wear or damage prone areas.
Rotating joints with hardened bearing surfaces and alloy steel pins.
Welded keeper bars at nut & pin assemblies
Huabei’s engineers have created numerous options for gripping a load, depending on the shape, surface finish, material strength and temperature.